Campus Life

Living in the School

The school has separate living accommodation for boys and girls. Each Hostel belongs to the “House System” that the students are part of. The Hostel wardens are also part of the house system and mentor the children and help them in their housekeeping, health and general well being. The house masters and mentors of the children visit their “houses” frequently to talk to the children and provide emotional support.

4 students share one room. Each room in the hostel is equipped with an Air-conditioner, individual wardrobe, study table and chair, laundry baskets and toiletry kits. The students are checked for general hygiene and they are expected to maintain their rooms and cupboards.

Food Court

The school has a spacious, multi-cuisine food court to provide comfortable dining for the children. Hygienic and Nutritive food is prepared by experienced chefs under the guidance of qualified dietitians. A well-balanced, wholesome and nutritious food, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, with South Indian, North Indian, Continental and Chinese varieties, is provided with utmost care. Specific diet plans are provided to the children based on their health conditions.


A well equipped gymnasium with an experienced trainer helps the students train and develop their physique.

Health Care

Our school is equipped with essential medical facilities to attend to the medical needs of the child. Frequent health checkups are conducted to ensure the well-being of the child. A full time residential doctor and nurses ensure the the health of the children.


  • We provide the decision making support to your child in every turn of his/her life. Our full-time counselor listens to and advices every child that needs guidance.
  • We provide guidance for the students on IIT and NEET entrance examinations.
  • We prepare the students with a universal outlook and an ability to adapt to changing environs and variety of cultures. We strive to provide a campus life that is educative, enjoyable and rewarding.